Heavenly Created

Reflecting on life as I walked through the garden. Capturing the beauty that was all around. There were so many different people inhaling nature. Smelling all the different fragrances floating through the air.  We were all celebrating the beauty that was all around us. Some were taking family photos, while others were enjoying their lunch under the trees. The atmosphere was calming but yet exciting. To walk about in search of that next special flower and to see life tasting its sweetness. So many different species of flowers to enjoy.

If every flower were the same, there would be no creativeness no excitement. The same goes for human life. Everything in life is made different for a reason. The reason is for all to live in harmony and enjoy life. To be creative and make our world a better place to live in.

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How would you describe your feelings when walking threw the beauty of nature?


4 thoughts on “Heavenly Created

    • Precisely! That is how I feel as well. It is very healing and rejuvenates the soul. I feel we all need time with nature to silence the clutter of our existence. Thank you for checking out my post. 🙂

  1. When I am walking through beauty, I the main emotion I get is the feeling of being thankful. Thankful for Mother Earth to still provide such patches of beauty despite the ravishing of our environment today. Thankful that I have the sight and smell to know this beauty. Thankful that I am able to be in that beauty’s presence because I know that there are unfortunate people stuck in war torn places in which beautiful gardens do not exist.

    • We are very fortunate to have beauty all around us. Yes, I feel for the countries that are going threw hard times of war. The funny thing is Frances, I was going to write a post last night regarding the stupidity of wars and how countless lives are lost. But changed it up a bit. Then you spoke of how unfortunate people are stuck in a war. Clairvoyance is amazing to have in our lives. I’m thankful for all the lessons we must learn and the beauty that is around us.

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